Blood'NGuns is a hardcore dual thumb zombie shooter with a large arsenal of weaponry and power ups for slaughtering the enemy, with up to 80 zombies attacking you on screen at the same time. Dynamically generated arenas and 6 nonlinear sandbox game play modes will keep you challenged indefinitely. Did we mention lots and lots of blood.

*** Android: The only IAP in this game removes ads, it is the full game ***

BloodnGuns is a zombie shooter with a large arsenal of weaponry and power ups 
to chose from. Deal with an endless horde of zombies attacking you on screen at 
the same time, dynamically generated backgrounds to litter with dead zombies 
and 12 survival game play modes will keep you challenged indefinitely.


We are currently developing harder game modes and a bunch of other stuff!

Version 1.06 
- Gun lock: lets you keep your favourite gun 
- Dynamically Generated Backgrounds with thousands of variations. 
- Sandbox Game Play with multiple non-linear modes. 
- Highly optimized for high frame rate game play. 
- Fight up to 80 Zombies on screen
- Pile zombie corpses in the thousands and never see anything fade out. Make a mess! 
- Blast zombies into multiple bits when using powerful guns like shotgun, pulse	
	gun and dynamite. 
- Dynamic Explosion effect creates unique blast every time. 
- Realistic sound effects and guns. 
- Collision detection between Characters. Zombies are effected by bullet impact.
- 12 Guns to choose from: Pistol, Fusion, G36, M4 Shotgun, M249, MP5, M4A1, 
	Neutron, Plasma, Pulse, Fusion, Thermal and Dynamite!
- 4 Weapon Power ups, Rate of Fire, Double Damage, Fast Reload, Large Magazine 
- 4 Player Power ups, Shields, Armor, Run Speed, Health 
- 4 Global Power ups, 2000 points, 4000 points, 8000 points, Death Wave.
- 6 game modes:

Beginner: too easy, so you can get the hang of it
Survival: more zombies and ramps up difficulty quicker
Rush: difficult right from the start!
Shotgun N TNT: as the title says only shotgun and tnt in this mode
Hell Fire: mostly wizard zombies shooting fireballs at you!
Death Wave: is the most frequent power-up dropped

- 6 experimental game mode: (still balancing these, play at own risk!)

Harder hits: zombies and projectile do a lot more damage
Smokey: an indestructible smoke monster you need to avoid
Shoot Powerups: as the name suggests
All of the above: the preceding 4 game modes combined! Very difficult!
Sudden Death: don't get hit

- Dynamic Game difficulty increases as you progress. 
- Positional 3D Audio [best experienced with headphones] 
- Gamepad Controller Support (needs 2 analog sticks)
- Dual Stick controls
- Automatic save and resume game. 
- In game Music control. Listen to your favourite tracks while playing. 
- Change shirt colour.

Weapons Super Weapons
M249 Machine Gun Thermal Assault Rifle
M4A1 Carbine Pulse Rifle
G36 Assault Rifle Fusion Rifle
MP5 Submachine Gun Plasma Rifle
Benelli M4 Shotgun Neutron Blaster
M9 Semiautomatic Pistol  

Player Power Ups Weapon Power Ups Global Power Ups
Health Rate of Fire Death Wave
Armor Fast Reload 8000 Points
Shield Large Mag 4000 Points
Speed Double Damage 2000 Points

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